One thing that soon becomes evident about the Arora’s Maintenance Manager Peter Angerman is that he is definitely a glass half full man.

While many people would become frustrated at the many challenges that such major building work throws up, Peter chooses instead to view it as gaining experience.

“I am enjoying every part of it. It provides me with additional experience. I am happy to see that my knowledge of the building is being put to a good use” he says.

Originally Peter is from Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland but Manchester has been his permanent home for 11 years.

He has worked at the hotel for 1,601 days – a man of precision! – and his job is critical to the smooth operation of the hotel.

His responsibilities include looking after every technical aspect of the building from fire safety to health and safety and more recently parts of the IT systems.

When asked what he is most looking forward to when the building work is complete Peter said: “A cup of coffee of course! But seriously it will be great to see how our hotel is transformed.

“Our customers are going to love the new look and the relaxing atmosphere, not to mention the great cup of coffee made from beans roasted just ten minutes walk away!

“The special thing about working at The Arora is their vision of the future. This hotel has a unique character and the employees are passionate, always willing to go the extra mile to provide exceptional service to our guests.”